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Rev. Eronides DaSilva

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The first historical 1999 Cuban Evangelical Celebration took place on the months of May and June, of 1999, in the main cities of Baracoa (May 30), Holgüin (June 6), Camaguey (June 13), Havana (June 20), Santiago de Cuba (June 5), Santa Clara (June 5), Guantanamo (June 12), Bayano (June 19), Pinar del Rio (June 5), Matanzas (June 12), Ciego de Avita (June 8) and Las Tunas (June 19).

The nice Cuban people have lived most of the hard times of their history as a Republic. And as it could not have been otherwise, the Church has survived these last 40 years by sheer miracle, as I had seen on my mission trips to that country. In this month of May, while people celebrated forty years of independence, the Church was able to conquer one of its greatest victories: freedom of religion, the government's permission for the Evangelicals to go out on the streets and make themselves present, preaching the Gospel in the country's largest public parks and stadiums. Praise the Lord!

According to the Word of God, doors were opened, and they were able to go from four approved meetings to eighteen! Meanwhile, by the Committee's consent, it became possible for the world evangelical leaders to be present at this great and historical moment for the Christ's Church on the Cuban ground. Therefore, due to the economical crises that they are facing mainly by the embargo restrain from the West countries, the Cuban people have suffered a lot! As a result of this, the Church has had to contend with an enormous challenge, namely national and economic recession.

Inasmuch as Bethany Pentecostal Church was duly designated to represent the Cuban Evangelical Committee among those of the Portuguese Speaking Language in the United States and abroad, the church would like to rely on your voluntary participation for the complete and continue success of the Church! After our last blessed seminar in Holgüin, it was suggested that the pastors, along with their respective churches, churchgoers and friends would get involved in three different ways: by praying and participating.

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